March 4, 2022 5 minute read

What are the Features of React Admin Templates?
Gaurav Guha
Product Owner
Admin templates are web pages that make up the user interface of the backend of a web application. Known also as dashboard templates, these pre-built pages can be integrated with the web application for various backend tasks. Examples of the task are website maintenance, content management, data tracking, software installation and configuration.
Responsiveness is a major desired quality for every admin template. A well designed, easy-to-use admin template can speed up website administration and simplify workflows. React.js admin templates offer simple, customisable and easy to learn UI components. Premium React admin dashboards are a big upgrade. They can significantly reduce development time and save thousands of priceless hours spent in design, development, deployment, and operation.
Our React Admin templates are delivered with a ready-to-use environment. All build scripts and tools are provided with the package so you don’t have to waste time configuring a project.

Features of React.JS Admin Templates

NativeBase Startup+ is an accessible, utility-first component library that helps you build consistent UI across Android, iOS and Web. Premium admin templates from NativeBase Startup+ deliver everything you need for building modern responsive web apps.
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🎨 Highly Themeable

Themeability is a core element of NativeBase Startup+. You don’t have to be a designer to create beautiful and responsive apps. Customise your app theme and component styles with unlimited colour, sizing, and typography options. A components library offers handcrafted UI components designed by experienced designers.

👨🏻‍🦽 Accessible Out of the Box

NativeBase Startup+ premium admin templates are powered by React Native ARIA, which provides React hooks that enable you to build accessible design systems in no time. Hooks are functions that let you implement React.js features from function components.

🎗 Supports Utility Props

Our React Admin Dashboard Templates are inspired by Styled System so you can rapidly build custom UI components. Styled System adds style props to your React admin template components and allows you to control styles based on a global theme object with typographic scales, colours, and layouts.

🕸 Cross-Platform Design and Responsiveness

Whether you're building for the web, Android or iOS, we've got you covered. NativeBase Startup+ admin dashboard templates are designed to handle specific browser, device, and OS issues. The responsive components also enable a seamless user experience. Save thousands of dollars and work hours in cross-platform or browser testing.

📞 Enterprise Level Support

React admin templates originate from open-source, but NativeBase Startup+ premium admin templates are made perfect in every detail using both open-source and commercial components. A professional team is in place to provide enterprise level support and constantly improving products for customers.

🚀 Ready to integrate an Admin Template in React.js?

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