March 8, 2022 10 minute read

How to build E-commerce app using React and React Native Templates?
Gaurav Guha
Product Owner
Do you want to launch a single e-commerce app for Android and iOS? With NativeBase Startup+, your developers do not have to crunch different codes for each operating system. Distinct UI components are available universally, along with code base and documentation in NativeBase Startup+. All you have to do is implement them as per your business requirements and deploy them everywhere.
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What you can expect to learn in this blog:
  • An insight into NativeBase Startup +
  • Why use NativeBase Startup + for e-commerce app
  • Production-ready templates and screens to build an e-commerce app
  • How to get started

An insight into NativeBase Startup +

NativeBase Startup+ offers a bundle of 100+ responsive, accessible, dark mode compatible UI screens that you can use to build highly-intuitive web and mobile apps.
They are readily available parts of code built on React to create dynamic user interfaces containing fully-fledged pages with unique design elements.

Why use NativeBase Startup + for e-commerce apps?

  • Stop writing complex codes from scratch to save time, effort, and money.
E-commerce apps are populated with several generic screens, including login and registration, product gallery, product descriptions, shopping cart, delivery status tracking, wishlist, etc. Building each of these design components from scratch is expensive and complicated - let alone the time it takes. The production-ready NativeBase Startup+ screens allow developers to skip this hardest part in the development life cycle, allowing them to deploy apps across platforms quickly.
Instead of starting from scratch, the NativeBase Startup+ screens will cost only around 10% of the amount compared to building those UI screens yourself.
  • Access a bundle of UI themes packed with powerful features to build your next e-commerce app.
NativeBase Startup+ takes interaction, usability, animation, and accessibility to the next level with a host of power-packed features, supporting your effort in building a highly intuitive e-commerce app.
  • Dark Mode to make app viewing experience trouble-free
  • Typescript support to spot common errors while typing the code
  • Complete Adobe XD kit with assets for all the screens
  • Production-ready experiences with no hassle
  • Maximum code sharing across app and web versions
  • Updated and tested for keyboard operability and screen reader support
Apart from these, the screens come with source code, and you are free to customise the NativeBase’s theme as per your e-commerce app needs.

Using Startup+ e-commerce app screens to build an e-commerce app


Login Screens

Build impressive login screens using NativeBase Startup+ architecture. It is built to process critical functions, such as sign-ups, sign-in, creating/forgetting the password, OPT verification, and splash screens. More
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screen

Screens for Home and Menu

The home and menu screen gets increased attention, and hence optimising it for a great user experience is essential. NativeBase Startup+ has a range of screens that can be set up easily for your e-commerce app, including Home Screen, Rate Us, and Side navigation drawer. You can also show a feedback message when there is no internet connection (See image below).
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No Internet connection screen

Screens for Accounts

Access a range of ready-to-use account screens to implement functionalities for editing, managing, and deleting/ deactivating accounts, saving contact details, linked accounts, managing overall account settings, etc. More
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Edit accounts screens

User Details Screens

Efficiently handle user data in your e-commerce app with Startup+’s production-ready screens for documenting profiles, displaying the vendors' details, an option to scan QR codes, and more. The seller details page in the image below neatly reflects the simplicity of the UI. More
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Sellers details page

Product details Screens

Get inspirational product detail screens that can do everything, from displaying size charts to review page, product screens (see image below), and full-screen product page. More
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Product screen

Catalog Screens

Design screens like cart, tracking and managing orders, product cataloging, refund/return/cancellation request, a photo library to visualise your offerings, wish list, etc. Give your e-commerce app a major overhaul, simplifying the experience across each of these key user journeys. More
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Request cancellation screen

Screens for Settings

Get a choice for language translations, display the terms and conditions for using the e-commerce app, and adjust general settings easily.
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Language translation screen

Offers and promotions Screens

Boost conversion rate, acquire new customers, and get more from your ad spend using screens like refer and earn, notification, gift card, subscription plans, and more.
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Subscription plan

Payment Screens

Startup+ also features a host of screens that enable you to integrate payment options like EMI, mobile wallets, and UPI payments. You can use the accessible components to customise your screens for order confirmation and balance check.
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UPI payment pin


An e-commerce app consists of several other generic screens, including support and feedback, app update, archived, etc. Click here to compare, choose and integrate them into your e-commerce app.
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