User-friendly React Native Templates for Fintech Apps

Fintech is one of the hottest industries in the world And if projections will hold true, it is likely to stay that way for a long time. Those looking to create a Fintech application will need to make their app top-class.
With NativeBase Startup+, create high-performance fintech applications 2X faster.
The Startup+ bundle simplifies the application creation process by giving you the option of 100+ production-ready screens. Each interaction via the screens have been carefully thought through to deliver great UX and easy to customize UI.
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Create a fintech app that disrupts the market

Fintech applications need to be versatile and scalable. Ease of use is also a primary priority as the playing field is usually in a highly complex and forever evolving market. Moreover, the application needs to be able to cater to different user demographics without hampering user experience.
The NativeBase Startup+ bundle helps address these requirements with almost 50% fewer resources. The production-ready screens eliminate the need for a time-consuming front-end design. The user-first approach in UI ensures that every use of the app creates lifelong customers. Customizations are also easy and simple to execute. A win in every avenue.
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100+ Responsive Screens

No more weird alignments and wonky paddings on different devices.
From mobile screens and tablets to full-blown desktop displays — NativeBase Startup+ screens support every format.
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Intuitive, Accessible & Impactful

Make every click relevant and useful. Eliminate wrong window frustration.
The UI of NativeBase Startup+ screens is created keeping user habits and their requirements in mind. Every click is meaningful.
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Dark Mode Compatibility & Support

Eliminate doubling of efforts while creating screens.
NativeBase Startup+ automatically generates screens for dark mode according to the assigned color palette, saving precious time for launch.

Fast-track the app creation process by 50%

Every NativeBase Startup+ screen is in production-ready quality for both generic and custom themes. Each screen interface is designed to garner the trust of first-time users and retain them with a great experience. Let’s have a look at some of these screens below.

Profile Setup

Make creating profiles a breeze.
Provide users with easy-to-understand layouts that make profile setup an easy affair. Pick from a myriad of layouts for details showcase, editing credentials, and account setup flow.

Portfolio Page

Make finance fun.
Customize portfolio displays according to brand personality with only a few clicks. Choose from multiple display designs for assets, debit history, and credit cycles.

Referral Interface

Spread the buzz effortlessly.
Create interfaces for referrals and bonuses that are easy to use and fun to share. All referral screens are designed to be intuitive and made to delight.

Statistics Page

Make staying on-trend efforts.
It's all about the charts in the fintech world. Provide users with easy to analyze displays and interactive visuals as they make their next big decision.

Chat Support

Guide without style.
All levels of users of a fintech app require support. Provide them with an interface that is easy to interact with and raise their queries. That way you create lifelong users with every interaction.

Additional Perks of NativeBase Startup+

Other than intuitive screens, NativeBase Startup+ covers every aspect of the application development life cycle. The production-ready screens allow app developers to skip the most challenging part and set faster deployment timelines.
Each screen comes with a source code that can be customized to the fullest. Here are some additional perks:
  • TypeScript support to spot common errors while typing the code
  • Figma design kit with assets for all the screens
  • Production-ready screens for zero hassle
  • Maximum code sharing across app and web versions
  • Updated and tested for keyboard operability and screen reader support
  • Dark Mode to make the app viewing experience trouble-free