Create a Robust React Gaming App Effortlessly

Is it a side scroller? A type of racer? Or a puzzle game? With NativeBase Startup+ templates, you can build a gaming app that delivers a gaming experience that keeps users wanting more.
The bundle contains 100+ production-ready screens for faster development.
All screens are designed to fast-track project timelines, give better collaboration, and require 50% less effort.
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A gaming app that enchants your users

Gaming apps need to create an immersive experience to gain popularity. They have to be visually stunning and easy to play. Moreover, they need to be able to adapt to a wide range of users—casual gamers and hardcore professionals.
The NativeBase Startup+ React and React Native templates helps in creating more engaging and content-rich games. Using the screens in the bundle, the production timeline is halved and the project requires 50% fewer resources.
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100+ Responsive Screens

No more weird alignments and wonky paddings on different devices.
From mobile screens and tablets to full-blown desktop displays — NativeBase Startup+ screens support every format.
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Intuitive, Accessible & Impactful

Make every click relevant and useful. Eliminate wrong window frustration.
The UI of NativeBase Startup+ screens is created keeping user habits and their requirements in mind. Every click is meaningful.
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Dark Mode Compatibility & Support

Eliminate doubling of efforts while creating screens.
NativeBase Startup+ automatically generates screens for dark mode according to the assigned color palette, saving precious time for launch.

Fast-track the app creation process by 50%

Every NativeBase Startup+ screen is in production-ready quality for both generic and custom themes. Each screen interface is designed to garner the trust of first-time users and retain them with a great experience. Let’s have a look at some of these screens below.

Login page

Welcome users to an expansive world
Start the fun right with a funky login screen. Choose from multiple formats of layout, buttons, and color palettes.

Security screens

Protect in-game assets in style
Players have multiple assets from their hours of gaming. It is important to think of a good security flow to protect them. With NativeBase Startup+ create verification screens that match your brand effortlessly.

Support and feedback

Make support more interactive
NativeBase Startup+ screens can help you build customized support screens for your players. Edit layouts based on brand guidelines and create interfaces that gamers like.

Gallery screens

Trendy showcase options
Create stunning displays of in-game maps, missions, and assets with our stunning gallery options. Customize the layouts according to the game’s themes effortlessly.

Additional Perks of NativeBase Startup+

Other than intuitive screens, NativeBase Startup+ covers every aspect of the social application development life cycle. The production-ready screens allow app developers to skip the most challenging part and set faster deployment timelines.
Each screen comes with a source code that can be customized to the fullest. Here are some additional perks:
  • TypeScript support to spot common errors while typing the code
  • Figma kit with assets for all the screens
  • Production-ready screens for a hassle-free app development experience
  • Maximum code sharing across app and web versions
  • Updated and tested for keyboard operability and screen reader support
  • Dark Mode for preferred app usage/viewing experience