Build a Vibrant React Native Grocery App Effortlessly

The latest grocery apps are loaded with amazing interfaces for same-day-on-door deliveries, payment interfaces, and easy scheduling of orders.
If an all-rounder grocery app is what you are building then NativeBase Startup+ screens can simplify the process of building an app that provides users a great experience.
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A grocery app with all the essentials

The app should be convenient enough that the users would want to order groceries of their choice without leaving their houses. They can purchase varieties of groceries in the required quantity online and seek home delivery services at their preferred time using a grocery app.
Using Native Base Startup+ screens you make online grocery shopping an enjoyable experience for the users.
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100+ Responsive Screens

No more weird alignments and wonky paddings on different devices.
From mobile screens and tablets to full-blown desktop displays — NativeBase Startup+ screens support every format.
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Intuitive, Accessible & Impactful

Make every click relevant and useful. Eliminate wrong window frustration.
The UI of NativeBase Startup+ screens keeps user habits and requirements in mind. Every click is meaningful.
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Dark Mode Compatibility & Support

Eliminate doubling of efforts while creating screens.
NativeBase Startup+ automatically generates screens for dark mode according to the assigned color palette, saving precious time for launch.

Fast-track the app creation process by 50%

Every NativeBase Startup+ screen is in production-ready quality for both generic and custom themes. Each screen interface is designed to garner the trust of first-time users and retain them with a great experience. Let’s have a look at some of these screens below.

Location accessing screens

Make delivery options easy
Build an amazing location accessing screen with NativeBase Startup+ to help the users share their exact location. Customize the format of display as per your need easily.

Secured Payments screens

Make way for hassle-free payments
Create screens with multiple payment gateway formats to give your users an option to choose the payment method and type. The screens are easy to format and can accommodate all design requirements.

Tracking screens

Provide real-time updates
From the order dispatch to the estimated time for delivery, build real-time tracking features effortlessly. The bundle includes screens for this interface that are easy to interact with and customize as required.

Categories screens

Let them search and pick their favorites
Integrate intelligent search options in your app with our production-ready React templates. Help users find the preferred items with specific keywords effortlessly.

Additional Perks of NativeBase Startup+

Other than intuitive screens, NativeBase Startup+ covers every aspect of the social application development life cycle. The production-ready screens allow app developers to skip the most challenging part and set faster deployment timelines.
Each screen comes with a source code that can be fully customized. Here are some additional perks:
  • TypeScript support to spot common errors while typing the code
  • Figma kit with assets for all the screens
  • Production-ready screens for a hassle-free app development experience
  • Maximum code sharing across app and web versions
  • Updated and tested for keyboard operability and screen reader support
  • Dark Mode for preferred app usage/viewing experience