Production-ready React Native Templates for Logistics Apps

Design multi-faceted logistics applications with NativeBase Startup+ screens. From order assignment to driver time management, you can create screens that simplify the entire logistic life cycle with interactive interfaces.
Build your logistics app 50% faster and cheaper.
The Startup+ bundle includes 100+ production-ready screens that speed up the application creation process. Every screen is designed to provide a great user experience and be easy to use in normal, as well as high-grind situations.
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Great operations start from high-performance applications

Every second counts in logistics. All functions need to run smoothly and coordination is key to success. In such a scenario, having an application that streamlines the process is essential. Every process from time management to process planning gets simplified with a well-designed application.
Using the NativeBase Startup+ bundle, you can create a great logistics application 2 times faster. Each screen is production-ready, meaning lesser investment on resources and better focus on operations.
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100+ Responsive Screens

No more weird alignments and wonky paddings on different devices.
From mobile screens and tablets to full-blown desktop displays — NativeBase Startup+ screens support every format.
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Intuitive, Accessible & Impactful

Make every click relevant and useful. Eliminate wrong window frustration.
The UI of NativeBase Startup+ screens is created keeping user habits and their requirements in mind. Every click is meaningful.
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Dark Mode Compatibility & Support

Eliminate doubling of efforts while creating screens.
NativeBase Startup+ automatically generates screens for dark mode according to the assigned color palette, saving precious time for launch.

Fast-track the app creation process by 50%

Every NativeBase Startup+ screen is in production-ready quality for generic and custom themes. Each screen interface is designed to garner the trust of first-time users and retain them with a great experience. Let’s have a look at some of these screens below.

Profile Page

Create a team effortlessly.
Design detailed profile pages that display necessary information vividly. Choose from a wide range of arrangements and styles.

Location Tracking

Traverse the world in style.
Create stunning location tracking and map displays. Pick from assorted and customizable screens that can cater to a wide range of functions and requirements.

Chat Screens

Coordinate between teams effortlessly.
Make communication with clients and points of contact hassle-free. Choose from a wide range of chat interfaces that make collaboration productive.

Order Page

Do business fast.
Create simple interact ordering pages that can be customized according to operational demands. Choose from a wide range of display formats and elements.

Help and Support

Provide great support effortlessly.
The complex nature of the logistics business needs efficient support whenever it is required. Create interfaces that are easy to navigate and understand with NativeBase Startup+.

Additional Perks of NativeBase Startup+

Other than intuitive screens, NativeBase Startup+ covers every aspect of the application development life cycle. The production-ready screens allow app developers to skip the most challenging part and set faster deployment timelines.
Each screen comes with a source code that can be customized to the fullest. Here are some additional perks:
  • TypeScript support to spot common errors while typing the code
  • Figma design kit with assets for all the screens
  • Production-ready screens for zero hassle
  • Maximum code sharing across app and web versions
  • Updated and tested for keyboard operability and screen reader support
  • Dark Mode to make the app viewing experience trouble-free