Customizable React and React Native Wallet App Template

Digital wallets are a quintessential member of any phone’s app library. And it is going to stay that way for a long time!
In the next few years, the market size for mobile wallets and payment methods is going to be ~3 trillion. But with great opportunities, comes great competition.
To succeed, uniqueness & great user experience are going to be key.
NativeBase Startup+ allows you to achieve both super-fast. The production ready-screens are designed to provide a seamless user experience while at the same time making the app creation process quick and simple. It also requires minimal coding and can be used by anyone with an application idea.
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Deliver Great Features With Minimal Coding

Wallet applications need to be versatile. They need to be able to handle multiple integrations with popular payment interfaces. And while doing so, the constant switch between payment platforms needs to be seamless.
This means two things for those wanting to create a popular wallet app—
  1. The user flow of the wallet needs to be ultra-intuitive. Every action and press needs to come to the user like second nature.
  1. The wallet needs to be able to handle functionalities and user journeys securely.
Apart from this, the wallet needs to look premium and trustworthy enough that people choose it as their primary mode of payment.
The NativeBase Startup+ bundle screens are designed to meet all these criteria without compromising on app development time and budget caps.
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100+ Responsive Screens

No more weird alignments and wonky paddings on different devices.
From mobile screens and tablets to full-blown desktop displays — NativeBase Startup+ screens support every format.
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Intuitive, Accessible & Impactful

Make every click relevant and useful. Eliminate wrong window frustration.
The UI of NativeBase Startup+ screens is created keeping user habits and their requirements in mind. Every click is meaningful.
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Dark Mode Compatibility & Support

Eliminate doubling of efforts while creating screens.
NativeBase Startup+ automatically generates screens for dark mode according to the assigned color palette, saving precious time for launch.

Fast-track the app creation process

Every NativeBase Startup+ screen is in production-ready quality for both generic and custom themes. Each screen interface is designed to garner the trust of first-time users and retain them with a great experience. Let’s have a look at some of these screens below.

Payment & Spend Tracking

A spending overview that makes sense.
Delight users with payment tracking screens that give all information at one go. Customisable to the last detail, these screens can morph into any form to match your vision.

Balance Checking

Provide users with a UPI interface they love. Allow them to fill in their details easily, make payments, and receive funds—all while maintaining the branding of your app.

UPI Payment Interface

Make payments a breeze.
Provide users with a UPI interface they love. Allow them to fill their details easily, make payments, and receive funds—all while maintaining the branding of your app.

Order Confirmation

Provide great experience on every order.
Choose from a wide range of order screens that make buying products enjoyable. With animations that make the purchase a memorable experience, the screens also have a great display for all necessary details.

Account Settings

Give the power to the user.
Provide users with customizable settings to the app for a great experience. Each settings screen is packed with easy-to-use features and allows the user to make the app truly their own.

Additional Perks of NativeBase Startup+

Other than intuitive screens, NativeBase Startup+ covers every aspect of the application development life cycle. The production-ready screens allow app developers to skip the most challenging part and set faster deployment timelines.
Each screen comes with a source code that can be customized to the fullest. Here are some additional perks:
  • TypeScript support to spot common errors while typing the code
  • Figma design kit with assets for all the screens
  • Production-ready screens for zero hassle
  • Maximum code sharing across app and web versions
  • Updated and tested for keyboard operability and screen reader support
  • Dark Mode to make the app viewing experience trouble-free